Dogs for Defense: Canine Corps

This program is customized to best fit grade levels 3rd - 5th.
At a time when every American was asked to make sacrifices for the American war effort, World War II marked the establishment of Dogs for Defense, a program to which families donated their pet dogs to serve in the U.S. military. These four-legged recruits were transformed through training from loving pets into working troops. Students hear the story of Chips, a real Hero Hound who left the family sofa, entered the battlefield, and returned home a hero. 
A dogs holding a helmet in its mouth with text over the top that reads Dogs for Defense: Canine Corp
  1. Overview


    Through a variety of artifacts and simulations, students will follow the journey of their pet dog as he leaves the family sofa, enters the battlefield, and returns home a hero.

  2. Preparation


    Learn more about Dogs for Defense: Canine Corps and find an overview of the program and lesson plan.

  3. Procedure


    Check out the assignments for the Dogs for Defense: Canine Corps program.