In Plain Sight: D-Day Deception

The best deception is attained by feeding an opponent with falsehoods which he wants to believe. Using code names such as Bodyguard, Double-Cross, Fortitude,  and Quicksilver, General Dwight D. Eisenhower commanded a series of covert operations that fooled the Nazis time after time and played a crucial role in the victorious Allied invasion of Europe. Students examine primary sources to gain an understanding of D-Day deception plans.
lesson plan, worksheets

Lesson Plan and Worksheets

This section includes the objectives, curriculum standards, lesson plan, and sources for teachers, as well as the background information, glossary, and worksheets for students.
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Secret Files

Each file includes an overview, primary documents, and sometimes secondary sources about a different aspect of D-Day Deception Planning.  Students should examine their assigned file and use that information to fill out the Briefing Organizer worksheet (found in Lesson Plan and Worksheets).