How to Get a License Plate / Cost

The I LIKE IKE distinctive license plate can be obtained at any Kansas county treasurer/motor vehicle office at any time by paying the distinctive plate fees and exchanging an existing license plate for the I LIKE IKE plate.  There is no need to wait until it's time for your license plate renewal.

The cost of getting, and renewing, the I LIKE IKE license plate is a $50 annual donation that comes to the Eisenhower Foundation and is tax deductible.  There is a one-time $45 fee assessed by the State of Kansas when you initially select your I LIKE IKE license plate.

License Plate Image

Special Offer for Dickinson County Residents 

Thanks to a generous donation from the Jeffcoat Memorial Foundation, the next 180 Dickinson County residents to get an IKE tag will receive their's FREE! Simply take your current tag to the Courthouse, along with your proof of insurance, and request an IKE tag. The your first annual $50 donation to the Eisenhower Foundation, as well the one-time $45 fee to the State, will be covered by the Jeffcoat Memorial Foundation's gift.