Migratory Labor

In 1954 the Immigration and Naturalization Service implemented a program unfortunately titled, "Operation Wetback," to return illegal migratory laborers to their homeland of Mexico. Mexicans illegally crossing the border to find work in the U.S., continues to be an issue in our country to this day. These materials are located under the tab "Illegal Migrants."

On November 25, 1960, CBS aired a documentary hosted by Edward R. Murrow entitled "Harvest of Shame." The program brought the plight of the domestic migrant farm workers into the homes of Americans across the country. The airing of this program prompted citizens and non-citizens to write to Secretary of Labor James P. Mitchell and the White House asking for action to help this underprivileged segment of American society. It is recommended that students begin this project by viewing the hour-long program before reading the letters and memoranda written by a cross-section of American citizens. These materials are located under the tab "Harvest of Shame."

It is recommended that the documents located under the tab, "General," be used in conjunction with the other topics.

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