St. Lawrence Seaway

Though the idea for the St. Lawrence Seaway dates back to the late 1800s, it was not until May 13, 1954 when the Wiley-Dander Seaway Act was signed into law by President Dwight D. Eisenhower that this important waterway became a reality. The Act authorized the U.S. government to work jointly with the government of Canada to create a deep-water 114-mile navigation channel in the St. Lawrence River between Montreal and Ogdensburg, New York. The seaway enabled large ships and tankers to sail directly from the Atlantic Ocean to Duluth, Minnesota on the Great Lakes. The completed seaway resulted in lower costs for shipping goods to and from the Midwest.

  1. Documents
  1. A Report to the National Security Council
  2. Agenda Memo for Members of the PJBD
  3. Itinerary for the Presidents Inspection
  4. Letter Concerning US Participation in the St. Lawrence Seaway
  5. Letter to Sec. Dulles From Sec. of State for External Affairs
  6. Letter, Concerning DOD and Joint Chiefs of Staff Support of the St. Lawrence Seaway
  7. Letter, Concerning S2150, Creation of the St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
  8. Letter, Dondero to President Concerning St. Lawrence Seaway Project
  9. Letter, Eisenhower to Wiley
  10. Letter, Lewis Castle to Eisenhower
  11. Letter, Lewis Castle to the President Regarding Facilities Inspection
  12. Letter, Lewis Castle to Thomas Stephens Regarding Opening Ceremonies
  13. Letter, Major General Guy Henry to President
  14. Letter, President to Dondero Concerning St. Lawrence Seaway
  15. Letter, President to Senator Wiley Concerning National Security Interests
  16. Letter, Queen Elizabeth II to the President
  17. Letter, Senator Alexander to Sherman Adams Concerning Seaway Bill
  18. Letter, the President to John Diefenbaker, Prime Minister of Canada
  19. Letter, the President to Lewis Castle
  20. Letter, the President to Queen Elizabeth II
  21. Letter, Wilson to Sherman Adam Concerning DOD Views on St. Lawrence Seaway
  22. Letter, Wilson to Sherman Adams Concerning DOD Views on the St. Lawrence Seaway
  23. Meeting of Sherman Adams and Charles Wilson
  24. Memcons Regarding the Opening Ceremonies
  25. Memo for Gov. Sherman Adams From Rowland Hughs
  26. Memo for Leg. Meeting on the St. Lawrence Seaway
  27. Memo for Sherman Adams For Walter Bedell Smith
  28. Memo for the President From Sec. of State Concerning St. Lawrence Project
  29. Memo Stating Support for St. Lawrence Seaway From Departments
  30. Memo, 1953 Meeting of the Permanent Joint Board of Defense
  31. Memo, Brownell to Adams Concerning DOJ Opinions on the St. Lawrence Seaway
  32. Memo, Clarence Conger to Thomas Stephens
  33. Memo, John Foster Dulles to the President
  34. Memo, Sen. Wiley to Eisenhower Concerning St. Lawrence Seaway
  35. Memo, St. Lawrence Seaway- Great Lakes, Cannels and Harbors
  36. Press Release by the St. Lawrence Seaway Dev. Corporation
  37. Press Release, Offical Opening Ceremony by Eisenhower and Queen Elizabeth
  38. Press Release, Remarks made at the Signing of the St. Lawrnece Seaway Bill
  39. Secret Service Report Tentitive Visit of the President
  40. Senate Bill S2150
  41. Telegram, Canadian Government to US Secretary of State
  42. Time Schedule for the Opening Ceremony
  43. US Costs Under Senator Wileys St. Lawrence Seaway Bill