Program Sessions

Geared for grades 3-6. 

Each session will run approx. 40 minutes. Attend all or just specific sessions!

9:00 am Central: Three Branches of Government- Learn about the three branches of government — Executive, Legislative, and Judicial — with special emphasis on the Executive Branch. Download Worksheet

10:00 am Central: Becoming President- What does it take to become the President? This program will look specifically at the Executive Branch and several examples of President Eisenhower's utilization of the Constitution. Download Worksheet

11:00 am Central: Roles of a President- The President is the leader of the Executive Branch of our government. Like your parents, this position has many roles and responsibilities to take care of our country. In this activity, students will take a closer look at the roles of the President and how Ike demonstrated them. Download Worksheet

1:00 pm Central: Holding History- Students will analyze primary source letters written to President Eisenhower by kids, noting their purpose and topics of the 1950s — from Elvis’ haircut to civil rights. Download Worksheet


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