Lyle E. Enyart

Lyle E. Enyart



Jan 9, 1928 - Sep 24, 1974


SERVED: Jul 30, 1945 -
Jul 27, 1946
HONORED BY: Daughters: Jeannette Fenton, Jenise Braden, Janine Schaich


Lyle was married to Beverly (Wieters) Enyart until his death from lung cancer in 1974. He worked for the Kansas highway department out of Clay Center, KS for the majority of his life. The following is an excerpt from a letter he wrote home from Guam on December 25th, 1945. 'Hi you all. How's everybody doing. Fine I hope. Well I finally landed on Guam. We pulled into harbor the 21st and came ashore the 22nd. It took us twenty two god**** days to come over here and it should of only took us about 14. I suppose Mother has been awful worried about me. I wrote to her yesterday. But I don't think the mail goes out of here for about two weeks. Well I am an old Salty sailor but I ain't proud of it. I thought I heard the Angels singing several times since I left the states. We hit a storm the first day out of Frisco. We were doing 14 knots and going backwards. For four days we were in the storm and were only about 100 miles off the coast. Then in the middle of the ocean the da** thing caught fire and da** near blew up. They gave word to abandon ship. We were all in life jackets and ready to go over the side. Then they finally got the fire out. This all happened twice on the way over. So for three days we had only one engine and doing 4 knots. We are in a rest camp for Submarine men. But we are the only ones here. We are right on the beach. The palm trees are about ten feet apart. Besides home this is the most beautiful place I have ever saw. They say it is the nicest place on the Island. And the best of all camps in the South Pacific. You have saw movies of the South Sea Islands well that's what it is like here. I sure wish you could see it. The officers on the ship said that all Reserves are to be in the States by June. You see we came over here as replacements. Wherever they need us that's where we go. But one of our guys asked a Lieutenant yesterday when we was going to be paid. And the officer told him we wasn't going to be paid here.'
Lyle and Beverly had three daughters: Jeannette Fenton, Jenise Braden, and Janine Schaich.