Little Ike Story Time is facilitated by an experienced IKEducator and is available to classrooms worldwide! 

Students will be engaged while exploring a new adventure each month! This interactive story time for grades K-3 allows students to play, create, and learn a new lesson with an Ike connection.

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K-1 Online Story Time

K-1 Story Time Sessions are the second Wednesday of every month at 9:00 am CST or 11:00 am CST.

JANUARY 10, 2024: The Dot — Art class is over, but Vashti is sitting glued to her chair in front of a blank piece of paper. Her teacher smiled, "Just make a mark and see where it takes you.” But Vashti thinks she can’t draw - she’s no artist.
To prove her point, Vashti jabs at a blank sheet of paper to make an unremarkable dot. "There!" she said. That one little dot marked the beginning of Vashti’s journey of self-discovery of her own creative spirit. Also claiming that he was not an artist, Dwight D. Eisenhower started painting in his 50’s when an artist encouraged him. Through painting, Ike found peace and a creative outlet that stayed with him for the rest of his life. Students will enjoy The Dot, learn about Ike’s painting hobby, and then tap into their own painting creativity.

FEBRUARY 14, 2024: Pete the Cat: Family Road Trip — Pete the Cat and his family are ready explore all the many wonderful American landmarks on their fun family road trip! They visit many famous sights, including Niagara Falls, New Orleans, Savannah, and more. The Eisenhower Interstate Highway System makes family road trips like Pete’s a memorable possibility. Students will be introduced to many landmarks of America as they enjoy this book and the correlating map activity.

MARCH 13, 2024: Mailing May — Today it's no big deal for a girl to travel seventy-five miles. But when Charlotte May Pierstorff wanted to cross seventy-five miles of Idaho mountains to see her grandma in 1914, it was a very big deal indeed. Here is the true story of how May got to visit her grandma, thanks to her own spunk, her father's ingenuity, and the U.S. mail. Dwight D. Eisenhower was a prolific letter writer. It was how he was best able to communicate with friends and loved ones during his travels around the world. Sending and receiving personal letters through the mail is very different than a text message or email. Letters show someone has taken the time to sit down and think about you. There is something special about putting letters into the post box and having letters delivered by the postman — the brightly colored stamps, seeing your name on the envelope — it’s like getting a present! Students will be introduced to the basics of writing and mailing a personal letter — and they might be surprised at who writes them back!

APRIL 10, 2024: Heidi @ the White House —  Ever wonder what it would be like to live at the White House? Heidi will show you where President Eisenhower worked and how he traveled. You will meet members of the President's family at a party in the residence. Who was Heidi? Heidi was a much-valued member of the Eisenhower family, even though she was a dog! Using primary source photographs and activities, students will explore President Eisenhower's White House.


2nd-3rd Grade Online Story Time


2nd-3rd Story Time sessions are the second Wednesday of every month at 10:00 am CST or  12:00 pm CST.

JANUARY 10, 2024: Ruby Bridges Goes to School — The Eisenhower Era marked the beginning of the modern civil rights movement and a growing federal commitment to the cause of civil rights. In 1954, the Supreme Court declared that the doctrine of separate but equal schools was unconstitutional. For years after the ruling, the South simply refused to integrate and in 1957, President Eisenhower ordered federal troops to enforce the desegregation of Little Rock Central High School. Integration was still an issue when, in 1960, six-year-old Ruby Bridges walked through an angry crowd and into a school where she changed history. This is the true story of an extraordinary little girl who helped shape our country when she became the first African-American to attend an all-white school in New Orleans. This book and its correlating art activity connects students to the courage of a young girl who changed history, and explores the terms “equality,” “civil rights," and “justice for all.”

FEBRUARY 14, 2024: The Relatives Came — In a rainbow-colored station wagon that smelled like a real car, the relatives came. When they arrived, they hugged and hugged from the kitchen to the front room. All summer they tended the garden and ate up all the strawberries and melons. They plucked banjos and strummed guitars. When they finally had to leave, they were sad, but not for long. They all knew they would be together next summer. Today it is difficult to imagine our country without the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System. It was not until 1956, when President Eisenhower signed the Federal Aid Highway Act, that interstate highways began to meet the challenge of the growing number of automobiles on the nation’s highways. That growth spurred more growth that completely transformed the United States. Students will be introduced to map reading skills and take their own road trips across America.

MARCH 13, 2024: Samuel Morse, That’s Who! — Back in the 1800s, information traveled slowly. Who would dream of instant messages? Who imagined a system that would use electric pulses to instantly carry coded messages between two machines, rain or shine? Long before the first telephone, emails, or tweets, who changed communication forever? Samuel Morse, that’s who! All soldiers, including Dwight D. Eisenhower, learned Morse code during Army training. It was key to communication across distances during World War I. Rather than taking weeks to be delivered by mail, critical pieces of news could be exchanged almost instantly. Students will be introduced to this great ancestor of today’s communication technologies and try their hand at Morse Code.

APRIL 10, 2024: Swatch — In a place where color ran wild, there lived a girl who was wilder still. Her name was Swatch, and color was her passion. From brave green to in-between gray to rumble-tumble pink . . . Swatch wanted to collect them all. This is an exuberant celebration of all the beauty and color that make up our lives. Dwight D. Eisenhower loved to paint. It was a hobby he picked up in between WWII and the Presidency. He always kept an easel and canvas near in order to take a minute to step away from the issues of the world for a few minutes and tap into the joy of colors. Students will be introduced to Ike’s paintings and have the chance to create their own masterpiece.