Richard J. Laulor

Richard J. Laulor



Apr 16, 1927 - Aug 30, 2017
BIRTHPLACE: Phoenixville, PA


HIGHEST RANK: Seaman 1st Class
SERVED: Mar 10, 1945 -
Jul 29, 1946
HONORED BY: Helen M. Laulor, wife


Richard Laulor enlisted in the Navy on March 10, 1945. He reported to the U.S. Naval Training Center in Sampson, NY on April 11th for a 10-week boot camp. He then reported to Receiving Station, Camp Elliott, CA in mid-June. Next he boarded the USS CARLILSLE APA-69 in a convoy forming in San Diego in late June. On July 9, 1945, Richard joined the Domain of the Golden Dragon, Ruler of the 180th Meridian, by crossing the International Date Line. He arrived at Samar, Philippine Islands, August 14, 1945, at the end of WWII. After six weeks in Receiving Stations on Samar and Leyte, he boarded the USS EXTAVIA. On September 16, 1945 he was initiated into the Ancient Order of the Deep (the Domain of Neptunus Rex) by having crossed the Equator. Richard arrived in New Guinea in late September and reported for duty aboard USS ARAYAT IX-1345, a stationed tanker anchored in Humboldt Bay, Hollandia. ARAYAT fueled U.S. Navy destroyers and destroyer escorts. ARAYAT departed New Guinea in late October, 1945, for the U.S. On November 27, 1945, Richard entered the Royal Domain of King Kanakanui the 1st when ARAYAT arrived at Pearl Harbor. On Christmas Eve, ARAYAT's fuel oil became contaminated with ocean salt water. Engines stopped, dead in water 700 miles off coast of Mexico. A fleet tug responded to the SOS message and towed the ship to Panama City, Panama. The ship transited the Panama Canal on January 3, 1945 and arrived in Mobile, Alabama, on January 14th. The ship was decommissioned on February 15th. Richard then reported aboard USS MELLETTE APA-156 in March. This ship was one of four APA's in York River, Yorktown, Virginia, being readied for mothball fleet. Richard was one of 10 enlisted seamen and a Chief Petty officer in the decommissioning crew. Richard Laulor was discharged as a Seaman 1st Class on July 29, 1946. Richard entered the U.S. Naval Academy in June 1948. During the Winter Set of Midshipmen Officers in his senior year, he was Second Regimental Commander. He graduated on June 6, 1952. Richard served aboard USS WITEK EDD-848, attended Officers Submarine School, served aboard diesel submarine USS HALFBEAK SS-352, and served on the staff of Submarine Squadron Eight in New London, CT. In 1957, he transferred to the Naval Reserve and retired as a Captain, USNR in 1987, having served in the U.S. Navy for 31 Years.