Paul E. Zernickow

Paul E. Zernickow



May 2, 1923 - Aug 24, 1994


Battery B, 335th Artillery, 87th Division (Golden Acorn)
SERVED: Feb 9, 1943 -
Feb 2, 1946
HONORED BY: Wife Harriet Scott Zernickow


Paul was inducted on February 9, 1943 at Fort Leavenworth Kansas. He was sent to Camp McCain, Mississippi and became a member of Battery B-335th Field Artillery Battalion of the 87th Infantry Division, (The Golden Acorn Division). Since he had been a truck driver he was assigned to be a tractor driver that pulled a 155 howitzer. Following completion of basic training at Camp McCain they were sent to Tennessee for maneuvers. In January 1944, after the completion of the maneuvers, the division went to Fort Jackson, South Carolina for further training. In October 1944, the division shipped out and arrived in Camp Kilmer, New Jersey on October 12 to prepare for shipment to Europe. They arrived in Liverpool, England and then went by L.S.D. to France. They arrived at Metz, France on December 6, 1944. They went into battle in the final days of the Battle of the Bulge and continued to push the Germans back. They moved into Belgium the 29th of December 1945. The Germans were withdrawing and the division advanced to Luxemburg. The division entered Germany in March having crossed the Rhine River. When V.E. day was declared the division was sent back to the states for a 30 day furlough, arriving in New York on July 17, 1945. They were then to take 6 weeks training at Fort Benning, Georgia and then be sent to the Pacific. V.J. day came while they were on furlough. Paul reported to Fort Benning, the division was deactivated and Paul was sent to Fort Dix, New Jersey until he had enough points for discharge. He was discharged February 2, 1946 and returned to Abilene. He went to work for Robson oil station at 1st and Cedar. In 1953, Robson bought a gasoline transport. Since Paul had driven transport for Clyde Haynes before he went to the service, he quit the station. He drove gas transport for Robson for nearly 40 years. He and Harriet were Star Mail Route contractors for 25 years. Paul married Harriet Ellen Stott in August 1944. They had 2 sons, 6 grandsons and 5 great-grandchildren.